Women and Work

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The binomial Women and Work is a chapter really delicate in my personal life. Generally speaking, i believe that the real problem is “creatin a binomial” containing the word “WOMEN” because in every case it seems always to allude to something bad or negative to face in terms of judgment and consequences.

Try to think about “Women and Cars”, “Women and Football”, “Women and Company”, “Women and Motherhood” or simply to the concept of woman as weaker sex since the very beginning of the world until now. Not considering also sentenses like “Run like a girl” ( referring to the viral video #LikeAGirl that has already reached 58 millions of people) or the simple o il semplice “react otherwise you’re just a poor and scared sissy” pronounced by early age children “educated” in this very discriminatory and regardless way of thinking. This topic is particularly sensitive to me because, over the years, I have been victim of any type of mistreatment at work. I could talk about it as if there was no tomorrow writing endless articles on the subject. Treccani encyclopedia would not be enough to describe all the episodes lived but fortunately I shot down and I am convinced that in not all types of work or roles happen the same.

I was lucky enough to travel a lot and, although later, I discovered what the world has to offer in terms of working compared to our loved-hated Italy. I did notice, for example, a significant difference in the approach towards women in my field (Information Technology), especially since I started working here in Hamburg, Germany, and I got the chance to run far and wide northern Europe.
I dare even say that it is certainly one of the reasons that led me work for an American company, avoiding them as much as possible, with my heart and soul.
You can say, maybe I was just unlucky but .. every time in my work I have to deal with some with a German mark, for example, (I hate generalizations but 3 of 3 experiences have confirmed my thesis for now), I have the kind of feeling of someone always feeling entitled to be considered “head and shoulders above me”.

In Italy, my own town, this happened to me only during the period of time I had a natured tyrannical Neapolitan boss. But it can happen to anyone, right? Otherwise they would never have existed films and books on the subject. An example above all?”How to kill the boss and live happily”. In my opinion leaders are born with certain basic issues relating to women or hidden personal frustrations that due to the fact of not having decision-making power within their family enviroment they give vent on a daily basis to theirs reporting for more than eight hours per day, just for the sake of feeling “powerful” “controlling” someone.


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I always said my opinion and fought for my rights and have always been considered “inconvenient” for this reason. Fortunately I was able to be understood, to feel valued and have enough strength to escape to something better, even if only after 9 years. There are unfortunately issues that are evolving together with the evolution of women’s emancipation and gender equality. It will maybe take years to overcome the stereotype of “work for men” or “work for women” so just imagine how much it will take to win credibility and respect on all fronts.

“The more women fly, the more who become pilots, the quicker we will be recognized as an important factor in aviation”
This “Section” exist in order to talk and collect abnormal situations, discuss, deal and respond, even if only in our own small, trying to conquer our deserved role and consideration during our every day lives. Tell me your experience, positive or negative.

I’ll be all ears.. and all eyes!


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